Instructions for Contributors

Instructions for Contributors

If you are a contributor to

1) Log in, using the "User Login" box on the right side of the "links" page. Your username is your full name, first and last, with the first letter of each capitalized. You can "request a new password" if you forgot it.

2) Update your page on the  "Researchers" tab. Once you've signed in (on the home page), then you you'll see tabs under the name of each page that allow to View/Edit/Outline/Track. Click "Edit". Then navigate down to where it says "Body", and put in text and images and links as you like.

3) Add content to our various tabs. If the content is in any way opinion or interpretation, you should put your name after your contributions, in small type, e.g., [Haidt]

4) Suggest new features and pages by emailing Jon can add them.

Norms for adding and editing:
--Our goal is to collaborate in such a way that we produce a great site wtihout a great deal of work from any one person.
--All contributing researchers can and should add links and ideas wherever they think relevant.